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Embracing Fractalism – A Unified Perspective on the Universe

God Exists

We all create our own purpose for existing, but all in the end are the reflection on the needs of the larger being. There is consciousness / everything in everything but permanence is nothing except change.


Human consciousness is created from the interaction between our cells and consciousness. Fractalism indicates our cells are just as alive as humans, with a sense of purpose, intent, and self awareness and all part of a larger whole.

And just like that we are cells in a larger entity, be it a a city, country, or all of humanity. To those larger entities we are but cells that serve a purpose.

God is just a consciousness created by all of us working together just like our consciousness is made by us working together. And just like how we treat cells in our body, it treats us the same way.



Science Based


Fractalism’s Role
in Religion

Throughout human history, people have sought answers to fundamental questions about the nature of the universe and our place within it. Traditional organized religions have attempted to provide explanations, but they have often led to confusion and division. Fractalism emerges as a novel approach to understanding the universe and our role within it, rooted in scientific facts and the inherent patterns that permeate all aspects of existence.

Fractalism is not a religion in the conventional sense; rather, it is a perspective that seeks to elucidate the interconnectedness of all things, from the smallest particles to the grandest celestial bodies. By recognizing the common threads that link all aspects of the universe, Fractalism aims to foster a sense of unity and coherence, transcending the divisions perpetuated by traditional religious beliefs. Instead of adhering to dogmas and doctrines, Fractalism encourages open inquiry and critical thinking, drawing from scientific observations and logical reasoning to support its claims.


The Earth is alive, Therefore we are aliens.

We live within a 100 km band of habitable atmosphere for Humanity on Earth. There are over 6000 more km of depth with living things that have probably been around much longer than us. Our limited belief is that only organic based entities can by alive. Fractalism believes that everything is alive and we will find many structures inside the Earth which demonstrate all the traits of being alive except being organic.

The origin of UFOs is often thought to be extraterrestrial, but it’s possible they come from within our own planet. Just as we are driven to explore other planets, these entities, possibly originating from Earth’s depths, might be exploring the surface world, including us and our environment.

Have Fun in Faith!

There is no need to stress about the future. It is already written and you are not in it. We are cells in Humanity, just like cells are in our body. Just like most of the cells in our body lasts for days, our lifetimes are but blip in all of humanity’s lifetime.

If we are cells in humanity, then our actions by themselves don’t change humanity any more than 1 cell changes our body. But if we effect enough other cells we can effect humanity though it is likely to be fleeting at best.

What it means is that our legacies are already sealed, however we should focus as much on helping the people around us positively, but with the assumption we will be quickly forgotten and should not dwell too much on the future. Enjoy the present. Live for now and radiate positive energy.

Humanity’s path started way before anyone reading this existing and will hopefully last much longer than anyone we know exists.

We should not be scared of this, but embrace the faith that nothing we do really matters, in a sense.


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