What is Being Alive?

What talks, dreams, imagines?
An atom, molecule, cell, bacteria, virus?
An ant dog, crow, octopus?
A tree, planet, solar system?

Most would agree an ant is at least. But why? Does it have free will? A consciousness ? Any self-control?

Fractalism believes all things are alive, think, and communicate with each other.

Even if we can’t see we have faith it is going on, with nuance and complexity of our thoughts and conversations.

I would propose being alive is just not being perfectly predictable.

Remember that according to Fractalism this is everything is made of something smaller. Since everything is made up of something else and we can never know everything, nothing is perfectly predictable. Thus everything is alive.

If someone were to look at us from up in space we would look largely predictable. An alien looking down at Earth would see humans and nothing more than cells of humanity directed by biological drives and the need for energy. Just like the sun revolves around the earth in a very predictable orbit. But over a billion years even that orbit will encounter changes which are not predicted. In both cases the relativity of the observer to the object will determine how predictable it will seem.

It is hard to measure the changes in how the Earth revolves around the sun. Just like it is hard to measure how much unpredictability a bacteria has. But we know it exists. And I would propose that all of them are alive. They converse like we do, but on a different level.

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