What does Fractalism mean for Humanity and you?


Like we are alive. We are but cells in its body like we have cells in ours.

No one is special or will make a difference by themselves. We are all together and equally valuable. All of us participate in the intelligence and evolution of humanity. We are all replaceable in the end and in fact will be. Our time frame is small and ends in a blink of an eye compared to humanity. Decisions are never made in a vacuum. They are the result of larger groups who have decided on common actions.

The path of humanity is not clear. We do not know where we are going just like we cannot predict earthquakes or the weather. We can see a general direction and for better or worse try to move it in different directions.


Actions Cause Reverberations

If movements happen too quickly it results in counter movements that move it back. Predicting these results is very difficult but this is a negotiation our society makes all the time to find the ideal equilibrium which can change over time.

Just like gravity, we can affect people much closer to us than those far away for positive or negative. LIke a pebble in a pond we can really only affect the people and things closest to us in relationship, time, and space. But our disturbance in the pond quickly dissipates.

Living as a Fraction means understanding that we are all part of a larger whole which is also alive.    That everything ends and that we should try our best to enjoy our life while here. 


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