Key Tenets

The Infinite Layers of Fractalism

Scalability, Time Relativity, and Universal Communication of Existence


Everything is made up of smaller pieces and all things make up larger ones.  Right now physicists have found subatomic particles much smaller than what we originally believed were the smallest.  This religion is that there will always be a smaller particle which will help explain the behavior of the larger one.  We also believe we know the Universe, but this religion believes there are many universes and perhaps even larger structures which we cannot imagine yet.  We are made of cells which help us exist.  All these things on a large scale can be predicted and all on a very small scale cannot.  Fractalism believes being Alive is the thing which cannot ever be predicted. Because of scalability we will never know every element in anything to perfectly predict anything.  Being alive is that unpredictability everything has.



Relativism of Time

All things (planets, galaxies, humans, ants) have a life or entropy.   Their timeframes and ways of communicating might be different but they all do, we just might not understand it.  That means our measure of time passing and lifespan is equal to a planet or an ant or a cell even though their view of a year might just be a day relatively or a second might be day to them.   We all have our internal clocks that go after different speeds relative to each other, but in the end we all live and die and our measure of it is relative to our lifespans.  A planet might live for billions of years but it will feel like a lifespan of a human since everything that happens will look slow to us but normal to it.

Everything Communicates

Just because we don’t understand it doesn’t mean they don’t. Planets and galaxies might communicate through gravity or some other yet not understood way.  Cells through chemicals.  Humans through our senses.   In the end communication is about relationships with each other.  All things have relationships and communicate in order to affect others.  Animals, humans, planets, atoms, and cells.  And to them it makes sense.  The fact humans cannot understand how they do it is just a lack of knowledge, not because it doesn’t happen.   But it will be found. 

Everything is Alive

From a cell to a universe.  We are all living at different scales which makes it hard to see the intelligence in all the entities but at their level they feel alive and feel, communicate, replicate, and pass time.   Our version of life is just a version.  Our view of intelligence is just that, a view.  Cells are intelligent up to planets.  All feel, communicate, replicate, die, and reform into new living structures.

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